About us

Skateboarding, like art, is about opportunities. It is about creativity. It is about being creative enough to take your opportunities and make the best of them. Create fun. Create havoc. Create something new and original. Skateboarding is about looking at an object and seeing it in a completely different light than 99% of the people on this planet. It‘s about taking that object and adapting to it; applying a brand new technique to it. Skateboarding is about grabbing those opportunities. About skating that bank that‘s usually a bust except for the 15 minutes between 5:30 pm and 5:45 pm when the guards change shifts. It‘s about seeing opportunities where none had existed before. It‘s about creating those opportunities when none are apparent. Skateboarding can be about pain. Skateboarding can invariably be about joy…all kinds of successes and achieving goals.

But you get out of it what you put into it. You‘ll find your skills improve with practice; your techniques improve over time. Your judgment even improves along with all of that eventually. Skateboarding is about frustration. The inability to land that trick. The inability for your parents or teachers to understand your obsession with a „useless piece of wood.“ Skateboarding mirrors real life like a charm. Success, setbacks, downfalls, disappointments, victories, defeats, slams, lands, learning and forgetting. Around the next corner could be a cop or a brand new slick ledge you‘ve never seen before. You may get harassed or assaulted. But there‘s only one way to find out. Don‘t be afraid. Give it a good push and see what happens next. If you‘re scared, push just a little harder. Oh yeah. I‘m not talking about skateboarding anymore. I‘m talking about life. But for a skateboarder it‘s the same thing.

Starting a European skateboard company out of the German backwoods in the year 2000 was by no means an easy endeavor. But skateboarding has always meant more to us then „Action Sport“, „Fashion Trend“ or „X-treme“. Skateboarding has, over the last 20 years, been the one constant in our lives. It has shaped us by offering pure freedom of expression. No rules, no regulations – only opportunities. Consequently MOB Skateboards was founded inspired by a past with skateboarding and motivated by visions of its future.

Ultimately MOB Skateboards is about nothing but skateboarding. The victory of optimism over experience is not only the engine room of skateboarding it is also the engine room of our company. Love skateboarding. Hate skateboarding. MOB steady. Always.

Als Michael Neuss und Christian „Cpt. Cracker“ Roth den MOB im Jahr 2000 unter dem Namen HESSENMOB gründeten, wollten die beiden langjährigen Skate-Kollegen eine Skateboardmarke von Skateboardern für Skateboarder schaffen, was für sie bedeutete, unabhängig und zu 100% Skateboarding zu sein. Kein Bullshit. Keine Ausnahmen. Skateboarding vs. Skateboredom.

MOB Skateboards konzentriert sich auf eine breite Palette von qualitativ hochwertiger Hartware (Decks, Rollen, Griptape, Kugellager, Montageschrauben etc…), begleitet von einer überschaubaren Linie von nützlichen Accessoires. Egal ob Rolle, Kugellager, Lenkgummi oder Montagesatz – alles wird einer kritischen Testphase im Mob-Labor unterzogen und zusätzlich von den MOB Teamfahrern auf seine Tauglichkeit geprüft, bevor es für gut genug befunden wird, unser Logo zu tragen.